Back to Church Sunday 2022

We have all lived through a couple of difficult years. One of the things I have missed is fellowship with others. We will have Back to Church Sunday on September 18.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 36: Letters to the Church

Wow our journey through God’s Big narrative is almost over just two more weeks. Before returning to heaven Jesus told The Disciples to go and tell . Last week we learned about how the Gospel spread all over the world.
Believers began to be called Christians or Christ followers. As the church grew Peter, Paul, and John would visit the new groups of believers in near by towns. They wrote letters to groups of believers that lived farther away.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 35: The Gospel Spreads

Last week we learned about the Holy Spirit coming to the believers gathered in Jerusalem. At the time there were Jews from other countries. Many of them believed in Jesus and would tell others about Jesus when they returned. This week we will see how the Gospel began to spread for Jerusalem to other parts of this week. The lesson this week is a little different. It is a mixture of videos and Bible passages. Take time to soak in God’s Big narrative.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 34: The Helper Comes

Jesus spent three years teaching the disciples and preparing them for ministry. Before Jesus returned to heaven he told the his follower to go all over the world and teach others about Him. He also promised to send the Holy Spirit to help them. First, they are to wait in Jerusalem for the Holy Spirit to come. They did. Let’s see what happens.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 33: Jesus Returns to Heaven

Last week we celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. Jesus told Mary Magdalene to tell the Disciples about the empty tomb. Over the next 40 days Jesus would appear several times before returning to heaven.