Ten Commandments – Timeless Truth

The Ten Commandments is a summary of the unchanging moral law. They inform the Israelites on how to faithfully follow the Covenant between God and Israel.

The commandments cover two basic areas of human living; the first five concern relationships with God, the last five, relationships between people. The commandments were given first to Israel in the making of the covenant at Mount Sinai, shortly after the exodus from Egypt. Though we don’t know the exact date of the Sinai covenant, it was probably around 1290 BC.

The commandments are inseparable from the covenant. The making of a covenant between God and Israel at Sinai was the formation of a particular relationship. God made certain commitments to Israel and in return imposed certain obligations upon Israel. Although Israel’s obligations are expressed in detail in a mass of precise legal material, they are given their most precise expression in the Ten Commandments. The commandments set down the most fundamental principles of the covenant and how it applies to particular situations.

Thus, the role of the Ten Commandments in ancient Israel was to give direction to a relationship. Community and fellowship with God provide the context for the commandments. They are often misunderstood as a collection of do’s and don’ts. They should be understood as the foundation of the covenant relationship between the Lord and Israel.

The Ten Commandments, and the Law as a whole, help us realize that no one can perfectly follow God’s laws. We all need grace and mercy. We all need to accept Jesus as Savior and Lord.

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