Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Our next sermon series: Family Portraits begins Sunday, April 18, 2021. The twelve week series will examine the lives of six Biblical women and then six Biblical men.

April 18         

Hagar: The God Who SeesGenesis 16:7-13Kids’ Lesson

April 25       

Rachel: The Mother of Joseph Genesis 30:22-24Kids’ Lesson

May 2   

Jochebed: Moses’ Mom Exodus 2:1-10Kids’ Lesson

May 9 – Mother’s Day  

Ruth: Overcoming Hardship and LossRuth 1:15-19Kids’ Lesson

May 30        

Priscilla: The Missionary Wife Acts 18:1-4, 18-19Kids’ Lesson

June 6      

Eunice and Lois: Mothers of Faith2 Timothy 1:1-9Kids’ Lesson

June 13      

Adam: The First Father Genesis 4:1-9Kids’ Lesson

June 20 — Father’s Day     

Noah: Get in the BoatGenesis 6:5-10Kids’ Lesson

June 27       

Abraham: The Father of the Nations Genesis 12:1-2Kids’ Lesson

July 11      

Jethro: Good Advice Exodus 18:11-22Kids’ Lesson

July 18         

Job: A Godly PerspectiveJob 1:6-12Kids’ Lesson

July 25    

Joseph: The Adopted Father of Jesus Isaiah 7:14 and Matthew 1:18-21Kids’ Lesson