Sermon: The Sharing Mothers


Pastor Nathan’s sermon for Mother’s Day focuses on Rachel & Leah.

Leah, by her father’s deceit, had stolen her sister’s blessing. Isaac had blessed Jacob, believing him to be Esau, and now Jacob marries Leah believing her to be Rachel. In the moment of his surprised discovery did Jacob remember how he had stolen his brother’s birthright by covering himself with a hairy skin and venison-smell, and making himself appear as Esau? Was this a retributive providence for his own deception of his blind and dying father?  Jacob showed favoritism to Rachael and loved her more than Leah.

Siblings like to compete, but can you imagine having to share a husband with your sister, feeling like you always had to outdo the other? However, God blessed both Leah and Rachel with children, continuing his covenant promise with Abraham. Leah and Rachel’s sons would go on to form the 12 tribes of Israel. What can we learn from this passage? How does this text apply to our lives?

Sunday, May 13, 2018 – The Sharing Moms — Genesis 19:25-28