A Big Crowd Meets A King

The Holy City of Jerusalem was crowed with those who made the annual pilgrimage. The time had come for Christ to claim his title of Messiah.  More

A New Beginning

Pastor Nathan’s New Years sermon series for 2016. More

Because He Lives

Easter is the greatest celebration of the Christian Church. But what does the word “Easter” mean? Where and when was it first celebrated? Some scholars believe that the the word derives from an old German term. Whatever its meaning, it is the oldest celebration of the Christian Church.  More

Dealing With Temptation

Lent is a time of getting ready for the death and resurrection of Jesus. These next five weeks are a time to consider what changes we might want to, or need to, make in our lives before observing what Jesus did for us. More

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

Do we know how to pray as we should? Prayer is a spiritual discipline. It can be strenuous and frustrating, mentally and physically demanding. I think the disciples may have been struggling with the art of prayer. They didn’t ask Jesus how to preach or teach, but they recognized how they needed help with prayer. More

Women of the Bible

Pastor Nathan examines the lives of 7 amazing women of faith. More