The Big Story

The Big Story Week 23: Be Born Again

Jesus had been teaching and performing miracles in Galilee. He goes to Jerusalem for the Passover. Many people begin to follow him one of them was a pharisee or Jewish religious teacher named Nicodemus. Let’s see what happens.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 21: Jesus Obeys God

Starting this week we will be in the New Testament. In December we learned about the birth of Jesus and when he was a boy in the Temple. Our story this week starts when Jesus is 30 years old.

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The Big Story

The Big Story Week 17: King Solomon

This week we return to the Old Testament. Before Advent we talked about the Israelites wanting a king. First they had King Saul and things didn’t go well. Next, they had King David who loved God. This week we meet his son King Solomon.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 16: The Boy Jesus

Jesus is the Forever King that God promised King David. Jesus was born in a barn in the tiny city of Bethlehem. He is God’s Son. The Lord chose Mary and Joseph to raise Jesus. After the birth of Jesus, God warned Joseph in a dream to take his family to Egypt to protect them from a bad king. That is where this week’s lesson begins.