The Big Story

The Big Story Week 30: The Road to Jerusalem

God’s Big Story is about working through out history and His plan us. God created humans to have a relationship. Unfortunately, things got messed up when Adam and Eve chose to not follow God’s plan. God also had a plan to redeem us and restore our relationship. Jesus knew that his purpose for coming to Earth was to bring restoration to us. That will be our focus for the next three weeks.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 28: New Sight

Compassion was one of our themes from last week. In his ministry Jesus often showed compassion for those around him. He showed compassion for the groups that were often overlooked like children, women, the poor and outsiders. This week we will see another example compassion.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 27: Jesus Shows Compassion

Our study this year is about God’s story. In the first lesson we learned that God is the creator of everything. The next week we learned that God created people and loves us. Many years later God sent his son Jesus to earth. Jesus would grow up and begin teaching. Jesus was different than other teachers. Jesus had power and authority other teachers didn’t have. That’s what we are going to see in this week’s lesson.

The Big Story

The Big Story Week 26: The Parable of the Farmer & The Seeds

Jesus often taught using a special kind of story called a parable. This week we are going to learn about one of the most famous parables: The Farmer and the Seeds.

Were You There …?

Several crowds of people gathered Calvary to watch the crucifixion of Jesus. Join us to learn more about the most important event in history.