The Big Story

The Big Story Week 3: Noah Pleases God

What is a promise? Have you ever made a promise? Did you keep the promise? Has someone ever made a promise to you? Did they keep it? This week we are going to learn about a promise God made.

Family Portraits

Family Portraits Week 8: Noah

I can trust God to keep his promises.

Father’s Day 2018: Get in the Boat

Scripture: Genesis 6:5-10 What can we learn from Noah? Christian fathers and all men in general are to be men of character. Noah is an excellent father described in the Bible. He is famous for building an ark and believing in God when everyone around him called him crazy. He listened to Yahweh. He listened…

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Notes for Sunday June 5th – Noah, A Successful Father

Our series Family Tree — Fathers in the Bible continues Sunday, June 5th at 10:30 with Noah: A Successful Father. Notes are available in the YouVerision App.