The Big Story

The Big Story Week 26: The Parable of the Farmer & The Seeds

Jesus often taught using a special kind of story called a parable. This week we are going to learn about one of the most famous parables: The Farmer and the Seeds.

Sermon: Parable of the Sower

Sermon from Sunday May 21, 2017.  Thank you to Jay Gallagher for filling for Pastor Nathan this past Sunday. Title:  Parable of the Sower Scripture: Matthew 13:3-9 Speaker: Jay Gallagher      

Parables Sermon Series


Join us Sundays at 10:30 as Pastor Nathan explores Parables from Matthew and Luke. June 29th:  Feed the Right Dog Matthew 13:1-8 NIV   — No sermon notes this week. July 3rd: The Farmer’s Crop Matthew 13:24-30 NIV  Notes for this week are in the YouVerison App Events or July 10th: Finding Sheep Luke…

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