The Ascension (Children’s Lesson)

Bible Truth  

God is with us.

Bible Verse

And you can be sure that I am always with you, to the very end. Matthew 28:20 b New International Readers’ Version


You will need at least one balloon with air or helium if possible. You may want to have one for each person.  Hand out balloon or balloon.  Ask them to hold onto to the balloon until told to release the balloon.

What happens when you release the balloon? That’s right it will float away.  It can be fun to watch a balloon float away. You can watch it float higher and higher until it disappears. You must be willing to let go of the balloon first.

In this week’s lesson we learn that Jesus is ready to return to heaven. He has spent time with his disciples helping them understand everything that has happened. Jesus has also told them that need to return to heaven. The disciples did not want Him to leave. He has also promised to send the Holy Spirit. (We will learn more about that next week.)

Release the balloons.

Get Into It

Read pages 713-718 Seeing Jesus Again in the Action Bible.

OR (Of course you may do both.)

Read In The Clouds from The Bible App for Kids. (Available for IOS & Android. You will need to download the story once you have installed the app.

Watch The Ascension

Think About It

What do you think the disciples were thinking when as they watched Jesus ascend higher and higher? How do you think they felt? Maybe they were excited, scared or even sad? The Bible tells us that when Jesus had gone up into heaven, the disciples worshiped Him and returned to Jerusalem with great joy.  

Dear God, thank You for sending Jesus, Your only Son, to die for our sin. We know that He has risen from the dead and has returned to heaven. Bless us today as we worship Him with great joy! In Jesus’ name, amen. [1]

Sing It

Big Big House


[1] “Up, Up and Away!”