The Big Story

The Big Story Week 18: Captivity!

Bible Truths

  • God loves me no matter what. God loves me even when I mess up. (Week 2)
  • God can make bad things turn out for good. (Week 7)
  • There are consequences for disobedience. (Week 11)
  • God wants a relationship with us. (Week 15)

Bible Verse

How can a young person stay pure? By obeying your word.

Psalm 119:9 NLT


Last week we learned about David’s son Solomon. Solomon was a wise king and under his direction Jerusalem grew into a great city. However even with a wise king they struggled with their promise to worship and obey only God. After King Solomon died Judah (Israel) faces many challenges. They continued to disobey. Let’s see what happens.

Day 1

Jerusalem Falls from the Action Bible

Day 2

God loved his people, very much. He made a promise to them and kept his promise. Israel also made a promise to God. They promised to worship only Him and obey his rules. The people of Israel had problems keeping their promise. While there were always some people like God’s messengers or prophets who kept their promise many others didn’t. Disobeying God is called sin. When we disobey God there will be consequences just like when we disobey our parents, grandparents or teachers. Israel’s disobedience hurt God very much and made him sad. God loved his people very much and gave them many chances to change. Eventually God had to do something to get their attention.

15 The Lord, the God of Israel, sent word to his people through his messengers. He sent it to them again and again. He took pity on his people. He also took pity on the temple where he lived. 16 But God’s people made fun of his messengers. They hated his words. They laughed at his prophets. Finally the Lord’s great anger was stirred up against his people. Nothing could save them.

2 Chronicles 36:15-16 NIrV
  1. Why did God allow Israel to be captured by another country?
  2. What promise did Israel make to God?
  3. What is sin?

Day 3

The army of Babylon attacks and defeats Judah (Israel). Jerusalem is destroyed and the temple burned. Many people are taken back to Babylon as prisoners. One of the prisoners is a young man named Daniel. Let’s see what happens to Daniel

Read Eat Your Vegetables from the Action Bible pages 492-494 or Daniel 1.

Day 4

Many years pass and Babylon is conquered by Persia. The Persian King Darius respects Daniel’s honesty, hard work and talents.

Read Lion Taming from the Action Bible pages 506-510 or Daniel 6.

Day 5

Wow, we have covered a lot this week. Let’s review.

  1. Why was God angry with Israel? (Days 1 & 2)
  2. What is it called when we disobey God? (Day 2)
  3. Why did Daniel and his friends only eat vegetable and drink water? (Day 3)
  4. Why were the other leaders jealous of Daniel? (Day 4)