The Big Story

The Big Story Week 35: The Gospel Spreads

Bible Truths

  • Jesus wants us to follow him and tell others about him. (Week 22)
  • God has a big plan.

Bible Verse

We cannot stop telling about everything we have seen and heard.”

Acts 4:20 NLT


Last week we learned about the Holy Spirit coming to the believers gathered in Jerusalem. At the time there were Jews from other countries. Many of them believed in Jesus and would tell others about Jesus when they returned. This week we will see how the Gospel began to spread for Jerusalem to other parts of this week. The lesson this week is a little different. It is a mixture of videos and Bible passages. Take time to soak in God’s Big narrative.

Day 1

Stand Up for Jesus from the Action Bible

Based on Acts 3-4

Day 2

Stranger on the Gaza Road from the Action Bible

Based on Acts 8.

Day 3

Saul or Paul was a dedicated Jew. In fact he was hunting and arresting Christians. That was until he had an encounter with God.

A Blinding Light from the Action Bible

Based on Acts 10:1-11:16.

Day 4

Jews were God’s chosen people. When Jesus came he also came to Gentiles or non-Jews. Many Jews didn’t associate with Gentiles because they were considered unclean.

Good News for All from the Action Bible

Based on Acts 10:1-11:16.

Day 5

After encountering God Paul changes his course. He takes several missionary trips to tell others about Jesus. Paul also writes letters that are included in the New Testament