The Big Story

The Big Story Week 6: A New People

In this week’s lesson we learn how God uses Isaac to keep His promise to Abraham. Each day we will learn more about God’s plan and promise to Abraham.

Bible Truths

  • God is with us. He has always been with us. He will always be with us. (Week 1)
  • God loves me no matter what. God loves me even when I mess up. (Week 2)
  • God keeps His promises. (Week 3)
  • God answers prayer.

Bible Verse

Romans 4 is about Abraham’s faith.

He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises.

Romans 4:21 New Living Translation

Day 1

Read A Wife for Isaac in the Action Bible pages 68-71 or watch God’s Promise Continues through Isaac.

  1. Read Genesis 24:1-4. Where does Abraham tell his assistant to look for Isaac’s wife?
  2. Read Genesis 24:5-7. Why does Abraham not want Isaac to go to their native country?

Day 2

Isaac and Rebekah have twins Esau and Jacob. Esau and Jacob are very different. Esau is a hunter and loves being outside. Jacob is quieter and prefers to stay at home.

Read Birthright Stew and Stolen Blessing in the Action Bible pages 72-79.

  • The birthright honored a family’s oldest son. After the father died or was absent the oldest son had the father’s authority and responsibilities. The oldest son also inherited more than the younger son. You can read more about birthright from GotQuestions.
  • In the Old Testament the a Father’s blessing was very important to a child. It was a great honor for a child to receive a blessing about their future.

Day 3

Esau is very angry with Jacob for tricking him and stealing his birthright and blessing. Jacob leaves home because he is afraid. Jacob returns to his mother’s family.

Read in Broken Trust the Action Bible pages 83-85.

  1. In Genesis 29:14-20 what promise did Laban make to Jacob?
  2. Read Genesis 29:21-26. Did Laban keep the promise? What explanation did Laban give?

Day 4

Eventually Jacob decides it is time to take his family and return home.

Read Leavin’ Laban & Touched by an Angel in the Action Bible pages 86-90.

  1. Why is Jacob afraid to meet Esau? Genesis 32:6-8
  2. What is the new name Jacob is given in Genesis 32:27-28?

Day 5

Today Jacob and Esau meet.

Read Homecoming in the Action Bible pages 91-92 .

  1. Jacob named the place where God spoke to him Bethel. What does Bethel mean? Genesis 35:14-15