Father’s Day 2018: Get in the Boat

Scripture: Genesis 6:5-10

What can we learn from Noah?

  1. Christian fathers and all men in general are to be men of character. Noah is an excellent father described in the Bible. He is famous for building an ark and believing in God when everyone around him called him crazy. He listened to Yahweh. He listened to the Lord’s warning.  Noah is being called a righteous and blameless man. He walked daily with the Lord. He righteous and blameless in comparison to the people of his time.
  2. Fathers do have a vital role in families today.
  3. Godly fathers and grandfathers protect their loved ones. Noah’s righteous living and His relationship with the Lord shielded His loved ones.
  4. Godly fathers and grandfathers persevere. Noah continued working year after year after year. Imagine the ridicule and criticism he received. People would think he was insane for building an ark.
  5. Even if our fathers have died or abandoned us, Yahweh is our loving father.  The Lord adopts believers into his family, and we are joint heirs with Jesus.

Sermon is in two MP3 files.

Part 1:

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