God of Wonders

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This week I was listening to Third Day’s Farewell CD. Yes, I know I am old school and still listen to CDs. God of Wonders is one my favorite of their songs. As always I am struck by the majesty of God and humbled that he would even care to be involved in my life. 

I looked up lyrics to share the song; I was surprised to learn that the song was actually written by Steve Hindalong & Marc Byrd from The Choir, another of my favorite bands. The Choir is an interesting band. They have been described as the best band you have never heard.  Steve Hindalong & Derri Daughtry are amazing musicians that are involved in a wide variety of projects and are well respected as producers, composers, and musicians.  However, their band The Choir has never been that well known. They are an alternative band that has chosen to be outspoken Christians. As a result they have been dismissed, overlooked and criticized  by Christians because they do not “look” like Christians.  In an interview many years ago Hindalong & Daughtry mentioned how their commitment to not compromise their faith and use their talents for God’s Glory has caused them to forgo more financially, lucrative opportunities.

Sometimes it is easy to lose sight of our real purpose. According to the Westminster Shorter Catechism we were created glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  Notice that is enjoy not fear. He wants to have a relationship with us.

God of Wonders performed by Third Day

God of Wonders by the Choir (Steve Hindalong & Marc Byrd)

Lord of heaven and Earth;  Lord of all creation

Lord of water, earth and sky

The heavens are your Tabernacle; Glory to the Lord on high

And God of wonders beyond our galaxy; You are holy, holy

The universe declares Your majesty; You are holy, holy

Lord of heaven and earth

So early in the morning I will celebrate the light

As I stumble in the darkness I will call your name by night

God of wonders beyond our galaxy;  You are holy, holy

The universe declares Your majesty

You are holy, holy

Have a blessed week — Dee