Family Portraits

Family Portraits Week 11: Job

Bible Truths

  • God is stronger than my fears. (Week 3)
  • God shows up and is with you. (Week 4)
  • God is with us in good times and bad.
  • God knows the answers to the toughest questions.

Bible Verse

“God alone understands the way to wisdom;  he knows where it can be found,

Job 28:23 NLT


Have you ever had one of those days were everything goes wrong? In this week’s lesson we learn about Job who had one of those days. In one day he lost everything. Job learned a very important lesson that even when we are having a rough time God is there.

Note: This week we actually two lessons. You may choose to do both lessons or only part 1.

What Happened to Job

Read the lesson from Pursue God Kids.

How Job’s Story Ends

Read the lesson from Pursue God Kids,

Sing It

It is Well sung by Yancy

It is well was written by Horatio G. Spafford after loosing his four daughters in a horrible accident. Read more about It Is Well.