The Big Story

The Big Story Week 4: God’s Promise to Abraham

Bible Truths

  • God provides for us.
  • God keeps His Promises (Week 3)

Bible Verse

Abraham believed God. God accepted Abraham’s faith, and so his faith made him right with God.

Romans 4:3b (New International Readers Version)


Have you ever moved to a new town or school? How did you feel? Maybe you were scared, excited or even both. In our lesson this week God asks Abraham to move to a new country. He has to leave his family, friends and town. In Abraham’s day they did not have phones or email to stay in touch with their family. If someone moved to a new place they might not see their family ,


Read God Call’s Abram pages 46-49 in the Action Bible.


Read God’s Amazing Promise from The Bible App for Kids. (Available for IOS & Android. You will need to download the story once you have installed the app.


Watch God Call’s Abram.


Read Genesis 12:1-4.

  1. What did God ask Abraham to do?
  2. What promise did God give Abraham?
  3. How old was Abraham?

Abraham was 75 years old. No one is ever too young or to old to be used by God. The key is to be willing to listen to God and to obey. Sometimes God will ask us to do things that are easy. Other times God will ask us to do hard things. We just have to follow him.