The Big Story

The Big Story Week 8: God Hears His People

Bible Truths

  • God is with us. He has always been with us. He will always be with us. (Week 1)
  • God created me for a purpose and a plan for me. (Week 2)
  • God hears me and answers prayer. (Week 6)
  • God can make bad things turn out for good. (Week 7)
  • God is control.

Bible Verse

 For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.

Jeremiah 29:11New Living Translation


This week we transition from Genesis to Exodus. (The second book of the Bible.) Genesis closes with the death of Jacob and Joseph.

In the beginning of Exodus we learn that Joseph, his brothers, and the King have all died. The Israelites are still living in Egypt but have grown in numbers. (The Israelites are Joseph’s children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.)

The new King doesn’t remember Joseph or how he helped Egypt. The King is also afraid the Israelites are so strong they may try to take over the country. The King comes up with a plan and new laws to control the Israelites.


Select one of more of the following.

Read A Baby in a Basket, Prince on the Run and A Burning Bush pages 118-132 in The Action Bible.


Read A Baby & A Bush from The Bible App for Kids. (Available for IOS & Android. You will need to download the story once you have installed the app.


Watch From A Baby in a Basket to a Prince on the Run and A Burning Bush

From A Baby in a Basket to A Prince on the Run
A Burning Bush


  1. How has God kept his promise to Abraham?
  2. Why was the new King afraid of the Israelites? Exodus 1:8-10
  3. What was the King’s plan to control the Israelites? Exodus 1:10-16
  4. Did the midwives (nurses) follow the kings command? Why or why not? Exodus 1:17
  5. How did Jochebed, the mother of Moses, protect him? Exodus 2:1-10
  6. Read Exodus 3:1-6.
    • What was Moses doing when God called him?
    • How did God get Moses’s attention?
    • How did Moses respond to God?
    • How do you think you might have responded? Do you think you would have been scared or maybe excited.
  7. Why did God send Moses back to Egypt? Exodus 3:7-14
  8. Moses argues with God about going back to Egypt. Moses has a long list of reasons why he can’t do it. In Exodus 4:10-2 what excuse does Moses use for not going?

God uses ordinary people in His story. God uses people who mess up or have a weakness. God uses people who are willing to listen and obey. This week remember that God loves you very much. He is always and will never leave you. He created you for a purpose. He wants you to be a part of His Story. You have to be ready to listen and obey.

Remember keep growing in grace. — Dee