Advent Reflection: Adoration

Adoration goes beyond praise or warm fuzzy feelings. It is to worship or revere. Worship requires us to humbly approach God with awe and amazement.

Nate’s Notes – Joy

Joy is a state of mind and an orientation of the heart. It is a settled state of contentment, confidence, and hope. It is something or someone that provides a source of happiness. It appears 88 times in the Old Testament in 22 books; 57 times in the New Testament in 18 books. The Bible talks a lot about joy.

Advent Reflection: Joy

Advent is about the coming of Christ. The coming of Immanuel – God with Us. Because of Immanuel God with us: We have hope and peace. We can experience unconditional love. and have true joy.

Advent Reflection – Preparation

Cross posted to The Dee Zone. Christmas can be a busy time. There are decorations to put up, gifts to wrap and some event that always needs a sweet treat or other good made. Then there are event to attend and family to see. It can be so easy to get caught up in all…

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Reset & Reflection

Personally the past couple of years been hard. It has been a time of loss, stress and isolation. I am not alone. Most of us have experienced loss, isolation and anxiety. Our world is spinning out of control and fractured.